Buddy Arcara- Addition Property of Equality

Definition- If the same number is added to both sides of an equation, the two side remain equal.
My Definition- add the same number to both sides.
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Addition Property of Equality - YourTeache.com - Geometry Help

Angle Congruence

Definition-Two angles who have the same angle (measure)
My Definition-Two angles who's measure is the exact same.
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Biconditional Statement

Definition: A statement that one of two propositions is true if and only if the other is.
My Definition: A statement that doesn't use "If, then", it uses "If and only if"

Biconditional Statement Video

Conjecture by Jeremiah

Definition: An unproven statement, that is based on observations

My defintion: A statement that doesnt need a proof, and that might not be correct


Congruent Complement Theorem - By Katie Brauckmann

Definition: If two angles are congruent to the same angle (or congruent angels), then they are congruent.
My Definition: if you have three angles the first two are congruent to the third, then the first two angles are congruent.


(it covers a lot, but the part about congruent complement theorem is about 3 minutes in)

Congruent Supplement Theorem

True definition- If two angles are supplement to an angle then, that two angles are congruent.

My definition- If angle A is supplementary to angle B and If angle C is supplementary to angle A, then angle B is congruent to angle C

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Contrapositive by Robin Bai

Contrapostive definition : the equivalent statement formed by negating the hypothesis and the conclusion of the converse of a conditional statement.
My Definition: A statement that is formed by negating the converse form of a statement.
(neg Q to neg P)
(neg Q to neg P)
The last one is contrapositive.

Converse - Rachel Lucas

Definition: a reversed conditional statement; if a conditional is p -> q, then its converse is q -> p
My Definition: the opposite order of a conditional statement; instead of p -> q, it's q -> p



Conditional- Alayna Cannon

Definition: A type of logical statement that has two parts, a hypthisis and a conclusion. If, Then Statements.
My Deffinition: A statement that has a hypothisis and conclusion. If p, Then q.

Counterexample- Hunter McManus

  • Definition: A specific case that shows a conjecture is false.

  • My Defintion: Something that proves a statement to be false.6932-counter-example-sfull[1].png

  • Counterexample video

Division Property of Equality- Noshin Abedin

Real Definition: If a=b, then a =b
c c

My Definition: dividing both sides of an equation by the same non-zero number, which doesn't affect the equation


Distributive Property- Hannah Salmon

Real Definition- states that the product of a number and a sum is equal to the sum of the individuals products of the addends and the number
My Definition- multiplying the numbers in the perenthesis by the interger or variable outside of the perenthesis

Algebra Distributive Property
Algebra Distributive Property


Deductive Reasoning - Myles Ross

Definition-Using facts, definitions, accepted properties, and the laws of logic to form a logical argument.
My Definition - Using facts to make arguments

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deductive resoning

‍Equivalent Statements - Grace Bowie

Definition: Two statements that are both true or both false
My definition: Statements that mean the same thing
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Video: http://youtu.be/D6AutK6EDug

Inverse- Alayna Cannon

Definition: The statement formed by negating the hypothisis and conclusion of the converse of a conditional statement.

My Definition: A statement that has a hupothisis and a conclusion, but they go like If not p, Then not q.


Inductive Reasoning- Ari Bridge
Definition~ A process that includes looking for patterns and making conjectures.
My Definition~ Comming to a conclusion based on a pattern.
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Law of Detachment- Livia Crispen

Definiton-If the hypothesis of a true conditional statement is true, then the conclusion is also true.

My definition- A valid conclusion to a true situation

picture- law_of_detachment_wiki_pic.jpg
Video- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQjpaaLwk58

Law of Syllogism - Jackie DiFulvio

Definition - Similar to the transitive property of equality in Algebra. (If a=b and =c, then a=c)

My Definition - The two terms in the middle must be the same for the two terms on the ends to make sense.

Picture - law_of_syllogism.png

Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbEzp00N_ek

Multiplicative Property of Equality-Claire Du

Definition-allows one to multiply the same quantity by both sides of an equation

My definition-multiplying both sides of an equation by the same amount is equal to the original equation

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzVjHA0mG1Q

Postulate 5 - Tyler Mills

Definition: Through any two points there is exactly one line.
My definition: If you have two points, then you can connect them with one line


sorry i couldn't find a short video, only about the first minute and a half of this video describes postulate 5.I didn't know how cut it shorter.

Postulate 7 - Jimmy Qing

Definition: If two lines intersect, then their intersection is exactly one point.
My definition: If two lines intersect, then they intersect at one point.
Video: Intersecting lines

Perpendicular Lines - Keely Eubank

My definition: A line that makes a 90 degree angle with another line and makes it look like an upside-down "T".
Book definition: Two lines that intersect to form a right angle.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVvErpLG2EQ

Postulate 8-Simeon Roberts

My definition: With any 3 points,not in a line, there is a plane.
Book definition: Through any 3 non collinear points there is exactly one plane.

video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L1gYD2TLNN4

Postulate 10- Ji Sung Kim

My definition- If there are two points in a plane, then the whole line that has the two points is also within the same plane.
Book Definition- If two points lie in a plane, then then entire line containgin those two points lies in that plane.
Video:(Made by Me, sorry if its a little confusing)
Postulate 11-Sam Landers
Definition:If two planes intersect, then their intersection is a line
My definition: If two planes intersect then they intersect forming one line

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Video: skip to 5:15

Postulate 9- Alexis Roldan

true definition: a plane contains at least three noncollinear points
my definition: there are three or more points in a plane. the points are not on the same line.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJaikI1xbU8&feature=player_embedded#! skip to 13:39

Reflexive- Chris Sanders

Definition: If a number, then it is equal to itself.
My definition: A number is a number.

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‍Symmetric Property- Emily Wright

Defintion:if one number is equal to a second number, then the second number is equal to the first number.
My Defintion: The two numbers are the equal
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Subtraction Property of Equality by Matt Vick

Definition: If a number is subtracted from both sides of an equation, then the two sides are equal.
My Definition: Subtracting a number from both sides.


Substitution Property of Equality By Corbin Taylor

Definition: for any real numbers a and b if a = b then a can be substituted for b.
My definition: you can substitute one number for another when they are equal.

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Transitve by Jake Berrena

definition: noting a relation in which one element inrelation to a second element and the second in relation to a third element implies the first element is in relation to thethird element, as the relation “less than or equal to.

my definition: a propety than can not be performed if the formula is mismatched where a=b,b=c, so c=a

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Two column proof by Ryan Burgess

definition:Numbered statements and corresponding reasons that show an argument in a logical order.
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my definition: two columns where on the right you put your statements and the left for the reason


Theorem by Alexia Baust

Definition: A statement that can be proven.
My Definition: Something said that can be proved.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvN0vHOYFhQ